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DM-03 Boxed air conditioning
型號: DM-03
規格: 120cmLX 35.5cmW X 13.5cmH
特色: 1.Increasing the operation efficiency , saving the equipment maintain cost
2.Connected with boxed type of air conditioning to operate.
3.Single or multi sets installed at the return air position.
4.Customs made is available.
Model: DM-03
Type: room air conditioner type
Dimensions: L:120cm×W:35.5cm×H:13.5cm
Air flow: 1800CFM
Voltage: AC 110V/220V 60Hz
Cell voltage(two-stage): Ionizing Section:8KV DC
Collection Section:4KV DC
Wattage: 20W
Cell efficiency: 85%~96%(0.01μ)
Weight: 20.5KG
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