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AC-P800R Luxury floor type, air out from bottom of
型號: AC-P800R
規格: Luxury floor type, air out from bottom of machine
特色: 1.Air input from top side, 3-Dimentioanl designed, air output from bottom.
2.Air enter from center which with double wheels , ultra pulling force.
3.High flexible Brake wheel, Moves nimbly, utilizes broadly
4.Elastic matching, smoking bar , working table
Type: COLOGY AC-P800R Air cleaner- Luxurious landing
Dimensions surface size: Outlook appearance:750mm × 690mm × 335mm
Air flow: HI:610CFM MED:425CFM LOW:255CFM
Voltage: AC 110V / 220V 60Hz
Wattage: Within 120 WATTS
Weight: 37 KG
Collecting Box Size / Qty: 500mm × 314mm × 110mm / 1set
Collecting Box specification: Low noise collecting box
Pre-filter: The aluminum system lattice interlocks / 1 piece
Active carbon: Honeymoon grain carbon filter
Cell voltage (two-stage): Ionizing Section:8,000VDC / Collecting Section:4,000VDC
Pitch: 4mm
Colleting boxes : 71pcs
Box sheet metal : High degree of hardness Ammonium board
Security power failure installment: yes
Revolution indicating device: Has the revolution power source ON / OFF / HIGH / Mid/ Low / speed & Breakdown condition instruction
Suitable square meter: Within 70 square meter (depending on pollution situation)
Special: Safe、Low wind resistance、Saves the electricity。
1. The outward appearance is exquisite, cannot construct may use immediately.。
2. Improves the air quality immediately, reduces opportunity which disease infects alternately.。
3. Increases air system's operating efficiency, saves the air-conditioning plant clean maintenance cost, prevents to breed the infection carrier, the extension service life.。
4. The low noise collection dust box design, reduces the revolution noise which the general electronic formula collection dust produces.。
5.May select and purchase the fitting in addition: The infrared wireless remote control (may fixed time), the Tio ² light catalyst, the HEPA high efficiency mesh, the anoin producer, the O ³ ozone producer…And so on.
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