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AC-1000R 2×4 Ceiling flush mounted type
型號: AC-1000R
規格: 2×4 Ceiling flush mounted type
特色: 1.Double motors, two power design
2.Better than other brand for collecting the pollutants
3.Cleaning large indoor space quickly, it’s optimal selection
4.Wind blowing far ,spread quickly, fast cycle, high clean efficiency
5.Two layers turbine power system, with the best dust collection
Type: Ceiling Flush Mounted Model(Air input from central side Air frame &,output from two side)
Voltage / wattage: AC110V/220V  60Hz/120W
Air flow: HI:1050CFM MED:850CFM LOW:510CFM
Motor temperature: HI:42.1℃ MED:39.9℃
LOW:42.2℃ Auto Cut Motor Protector125℃
Speed control: Wireless controler-4stuges
OFF/HI/MED/LOW ( timer shutdown
Noise ratings(db): HI:52db MED:47db LOW:42db(extra sleeping design )
Dimensions surface size / At ceiling: Outlook appearance:1200mm × 620mm × 1mm
Building in:1170mm × 580mm × 345mm
Indicator light: Stage operate/high wattage indicator
Turbine motor / Fan pleated: 2 Set High function ,low noise ,strong wind, large suction, two layers turbine fan.
Air input / output design: Diagonal input, single side output, 360° solid circulation far wind high efficiency
Cell voltage(two-stage): Ionizing Section:8,000VDC Collecting Section:4,000VDC
Colleting boxes / pitch: 71pcs./4mm
Quantity of electronic cell: 2 Set
Collect efficiency: 0.3μm-7μm 98.6%
Certification by Industrial Technology Research Innovation Taiwan. NO 5F55RD1D00-070
Weight: 43KG
Suitable square meter: Within 130 square meter (depending on pollution situation)
Accessory with machine: Wireless control, Active carbon, filter technology brochure.
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